Is This Thing On?  


I notice that it's only been about 2 years since I've posted on here. I didn't even know if I still have an active account, but I guess the blog world doesn't delete you. I seem to have missed a few things over the past months. I know one thing I will have to buy the book that Momma Fargo has out there (how else will it become a best seller).

  So a few updates....My father is doing great after his double lung transplant. He visits the doctors once every 3 months just to make sure but they have told him that barring some strange illness the grumpy old man could well outlive the rest of us. My kids are growing up and that sucks. My youngest is going to enter middle school next year and that means that he won't like me for much longer. My middle son is soon to be a sophomore and he of course knows more than his crusty old boring parents ever did. My oldest is pursuing a culinary career and so far so good (fingers are crossed as are toes).

  Other than that life goes on. I get older and (wider) wiser. Softball is still a part of the picture although I'm not sure how I've managed to keep that one going. I notice all the tragic things that have been going on and it always makes me want to jump on here and voice my opinion. I find that I'm at a loss for words for these things that have been happening. The shootings and the kidnappings and now the natural disasters. It's all emotion and I find no voice to say how devastating it all is to me. BUT this is therapy and one way or another I feel better after at least attempting to get my thoughts in some semblance of order and put them on here. We have family in Oklahoma and we have been very fortunate that they are OK. Phone calls were the order of the day as we tried desperately to find out any information, but the calls came and everybody is scared but safe.

Ms. A ....All I can say is I'm praying for you guys. I'm truly sorry that your son has to go through this and I will keep praying for him until he is better...He is certainly lucky he has you to look out for him. I enjoy looking at your pictures on your blog and they definitely lift my spirits so thank you!

It's funny how a few lines typed can lift your spirits. The blogosphere is truly therapy. I'm going to have to get on here just a bit more for the sake of my sanity!