Moving Sucks  

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We have had some of the worst luck when it comes to housing... Landlords that bought a home for an investment, when they evidently didn't understand that paying the mortgage is the way to keep the house. So we have been forced to move twice in a three year span.

first of all the property management company we dealt with really sucks. They are as inefficient as it gets. They may as well work for the Govt. It doesn't get any worse than that.

Then of course there is the move. So every little thing we buy seems to end up in the garage. Now i have a garage full of garbage and the decision to make is, keep it or trash it. Well after taking about 7 truck loads to the new house, I decided that trashing alot of it is just fine with me.

The rest of the family wasn't so happy with my decision. They evidently liked alot of that stuff that was stored in the garage. Even though they hadn't touched it in 2 years. I normally get run over in my house, but on this occasion I was able to win the battle (while I'm sure I'll still lose the war).

So now we have boxes of "stuff" everywhere. Marked boxes, unmarked boxes, bags, you name it. It's laying around the new house scattered through rooms waiting to be put in the proper shelf or in the proper drawer. The only problem is that I don't know which shelf and which drawer most of this stuff goes in. (That goes back to the whole normally run over in my house thing.)

So I'm sure that over the next 3 or 4 weeks, my wife will explain to me where I need to put this item or that and which shelf needs to be hung up where. But in the meantime, I get to work at 7 am and rush through the work day, only to come home and lift heavy items and load them in the truck for the move that is finally ending tomorrow.

Now all that's left is some general cleanup at the old house, and moving a few items that are still there (pet turtle and a couple dogs). The next step will be the fixing up of this house. But that's for another day, and for another post.

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