Water Crisis in Central Valley is heating up  

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Well, once again we have a lot of people getting together to voice their opinion about a really bad call by the "environmentalist" faction of the country. They have essentially taken away the farmers ability to grow crops. All this over a smelt. I hate to sound uncaring, but that's just sorta crazy to me that we are going to sentence whole communitites to death over a 2" fish that isn't even indigenous to the region.

Of course for good measure they threw in a couple salmon and don't forget the killer whale. Are you serious? A killer whale is impacted by the water flowing through the valley?

Devin Nunes and Paul Rodriguez are doing their parts to make people aware. They even caught the attention of Sean Hannity (who is a bit far right for even me). National awareness seems pointless though, as more and more people lack any concern unless it directly involves them.

Well guess what guys and gals, pretty soon it will directly affect you. With the systematic killing of our crops in the valley we are slowly but surely killing our ability to provide food to our own nation. That's right pretty soon, China and India will be our primary sources of produce. Without the strict rules and regulations that we impose on our own farmers, America will soon be helpless to protect it's own from the unregulated filth that will be used to grow these crops that will soon be in our kitchens.

You want to talk about a Health Crisis. As more and more produce becomes an import you will se a slow but steady decline in overall health of our general public. Obesity is a primary concern right now, but don't worry pretty soon that won't even be a consideration. With a sharp rise in cancer, McDonalds will be pretty happy, cause they won't have to tell you how many calories are in a Big Mac anymore. Nobody will care, everybody will be screaming for cures to cancer and a myriad of other conditions that will begin to creep into our hospitals.

This is what happens when we allow government to decide what is best for us at every turn. Right, Left it doesn't matter. This is about our lives, not just our livelihood. Wake up and realize that pretty soon, we are going to be nothing more than slaves to not only a foreign country but to our own government.

You decide, is this fish really more important than entire communities of people trying to live and raise their families. How do they get the chance to realize their American dream, if Uncle Sam is the one responsible for taking it away?

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I heard about the "water crisis" BS. a while ago and when I think about what the "shark huggers" are trying to do, it makes my blood boil and I don't even want to talk with them about it for fear of a volcanic explosion out of my mouth...vent,vent!
Oh, by the way thanks for the award...now how do I get it on my blog page? I tried a few different ways and couldn't figure it out. Just plain comp-idiot I guess.

October 18, 2009 at 9:29 PM

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