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I don't follow much in the way of actors and producers or any of the movie industry for that matter, but this whole Roman Polanski thing just has me sick. 

For those that don't know Polanski was convicted of rape about 30 years ago.  He raped a 13 year old girl after getting her drunk and giving her some pill i think it was a lude.  Anyway he was convicted and before he could serve his true sentence he fled the country for France.  He has lived there comfortably all this time continuing to make movies and has become somewhat of a celebrity of France.

Well he was recently in Switzerland and was arrested on this outstanding warrant and is being held there pending extradition to the U.S.   The French Govt. and a number of hollywood elite (and not so elite) are demanding his immediate release.  Many of his supporters are stating that he has been punished enough because he hasn't been able to make movies in the U.S. for all these years because of this. 

I'm sorry but I have to disagree.  This guy is a pervert.  He was 44 years old when he got a 13 year old drunk and stoned then raped and sodomized her.  Sorry this guy doesn't deserve any breaks.  What he deserves is prison time.  He deserves to be publicly humiliated.  He deserves to have all that money he made taken away from him.  He also deserves all those bleeding hearts that are supporting him.

Why do these people think that because they make a movie (or star in one for that matter), it gives them the right to live outside the law?  Since when did becoming an actor or a producer/director give you special allowances.  These people get paid a ton of money, the last thing I want is their opinion about a matter of law.  I get so disgusted when I think of somebody with the nerve to defend this behavior. 

We have no moral compass anymore.  It just seems to be whatever makes you feel good, is the order of the day.  There was a kid in Chicago that got beat to death by a bunch of other high school kids.  That got about 10 minutes of news time.  Yet they want to dedicate the last 2 days to whether or not the olympics will be held in Chicago.  Is that really more important than a young boys life? 

Are we that far gone that we have decided that it's ok to allow our kids to be raped and killed.  We are teaching young women that it's ok to get an abortion cause it will keep them from ruining their lives.  We want to legalize yet another addictive substance so we can make more money. 

The whole pot issue just makes me laugh.  I hear people that are all for it saying.  "It's stupid that it's illegal, it's no worse than smoking or drinking."  Guess what smoking and drinking  is BAD!  Why do we continue to marginalize these types of things?  Our habits and behaviors are our own fault.  But that doesn't give us the right to continue passing on bad habit after bad habit.  I want my kids to be better than me, not the same as me.  

I was always taught that a parents role was to take what I learned and use that to help my children get the next step above me.  Help them to avoid some of the mistakes I have made.  Now all I hear is that I can't spank my kid, cause it is bad for him emotionally.  I can't yell at my kid cause it's bad for him emotionally.  I shouldn't take things away from my kid cause it's bad for him emotionally.  I am sorry but my 8 year old son is not going to respond to a calm discussion on the hazards of staying up to late.  On the other hand if he doesn't get his psp for a week cause he stayed up after I told him to go to bed, or if I shout "GET YOUR BUTT IN BED RIGHT NOW!"  That tends to stick with him. 

How about if we get back to teaching our kids what is right and what is wrong.  Let's lead by example and let them see that it's ok to help somebody out without expecting something in return.  Let's let them know that sometimes you have to do something just because "I SAID SO".  I don't give my kids an explanation for every decision I make.  That is the same as me asking my boss to explain himself everytime he makes a decision concerning my job.  That's not the way the real world works, and the sooner we prepare our children to be good citzens the sooner we will see things change.  Help out your neighbor, (yes even if you are a mom in Michigan).

Respect goes a long way, I think it's time we all started learning what it means again.  Maybe we should actually start to show a little of it from time to time.  For my part, I try my best to let my kids know that Please and Thank you are still words we use when asking for something and when given something.  "Bless You" is still acceptable after somebody sneezes.  "After you" is still what you say when you get to an entrance of a store at the same time as somebody else.  Little courtesies that seem to be forgotten nowadays need to be remembered, maybe more than ever. 

Political correctness needs to be thrown by the wayside.  We should speak to somebody the way we want to be spoken to, not because we don't want to be considered biggots, but because it's just the right thing to do.  The time for all of this is now, cause I don't think we can afford to go any lower than right now.

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