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Ok, So I'm a huge fan of the written word. I love reading, books, magazines, blogs, shampoo bottles, you name it. Lately I have been on overdrive. I've read about 18-20 books this last month, which is a bunch even for me.

So I had finished a L'Amour book and I was feeling like maybe a little change of pace would be good. There I am looking through some Dean Koontz and what do you know in the middle of them was my copy of The Stand by Stephen King. Now I didn't remember putting that book in the pile of Koontz stuff, but figured what the heck. I grabbed it up and settled into the recliner for a relaxing evening of some good reading.

As I was headed into the living room though, I got to thinking how much I really enjoyed the movie. Me and my thinking, so I figured what the heck I'll just watch the movie first and then start on the book. One problem with that......The movie is 4 sections and it is about 6 hours and 36 minutes long. Well what could I do? The movie was already put into the DVD player so I figured what the heck I'll just watch the first part then start reading the book and sorta go back and forth.

Well that was about 2 1/2 hours ago and I don't think that the book will get opened until the movie is done now. My problem is that I really shouldn't stay up for another 3 1/2 to 4 hours to finish watching it. Well I have never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed so on I plod.

I just started noticing some of the differences between the book and the movie. One of the big ones for me is getting around the whole Dana issue. In the movie she doesn't have a real history before she goes to spy. In the book though she is rescued after she was taken and used as a slave/whore. Then there is Larry's mom. In the movie she is this little frail woman, but in the book she is a large buxom woman. I wonder how King felt about them altering those somewhat minor characters.

Every movie based on a Stephen King book has him making a cameo in there somewhere. Sorta reminds me of Clive Cussler and his books. All of his Dirk Pitt books have him making an appearance in there somewhere. Wonder if that's ego or just good ol' plain fun.

So now I'm really in conflict. I have the dang book open and I'm reading while I try and watch the movie at the same time, and I'm getting confused cause the book and the movie don't really match up for the most part.

I have a feeling this will be a long night, but of course I didn't help it much by taking this break to post how dumb I am for trying to watch a movie while reading it's story.

BUT.....for anybody who hasn't ever read the book or seen the movie. I would say read the book first and if you are into the whole good vs. evil, heaven and hell scenario. Then by all means get the movie as well. it's long but it's great for a weekend afternoon if you are just in that lazy mood and wanna just pig out on popcorn and soda and not do much else.

Stu Redman is a great character by far my favorite
but you will meet a lot of characters in this book
Randall Flag
Mother Abigail
Ralph, Larry, Tom (another great character), Harold, Nadine...Gah I will get carried away and name everybody, but those are the biggies...oops and Fran....I'm sure I'm missing someone, but anyway pick it up and give it a try it's a pretty awesome book.

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The book is so much better than the movie, but I admit, the movie was surprisingly good (his books don't seem to translate well). I applaud you for attempting to do both!

October 1, 2009 at 6:19 PM

The only thing that really attracted me about the movie was the fact that they did a bang up job on the casting. That was first rate in my opinion. But in all fairness the Book was and is in my opinion his best written ever.

October 1, 2009 at 6:36 PM

Yes, stick with the book. Love King and Koontz. I like your blog...where do I sign up???

October 2, 2009 at 12:29 PM

Just finished it this morning before going to work. Time to find some new reading material :)

October 2, 2009 at 2:35 PM

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