Family Ties 3  


Family Ties 2

Months went by and everything seemed to calm down a bit. The boy found out the name of this "friend" and was given a little more information from his girlfriend. It turned out that he had a girlfriend and they had broken up, he wanted to get back together with her, and was just looking for someone to talk to. The boy thought this was pretty convenient, but his girlfriend promised not to keep anything else from him. She told him she knew they had to be able to trust each other. so every time this boy talked with her she let him know. She told him just enough to keep him satisfied. On Valentines Day he was there with a promise ring, and flowers. Ready to take her out for a nice dinner, and a show. She told him that she loved the gift, but didn't seem really into the evening. He came to find out later that her "friend" had indeed gotten back together with his girlfriend. It seems his girlfriend didn't think it was such a hot idea for him to hang around with another girl. So he told her goodbye and that was it. The boy felt bad for his girlfriend in some strange way. Although the immediate threat was gone, he realized that this was one of the things that kept her in a decent mood. He knew that depression was a real possibility for her, if she didn't find friends. It turns out that a few of his friends had been around the girl enough to realize that she was ok. They began to hang out and the girl had finally managed some friends. It was all coming together for her in a small way. The prom was left, and she knew she had a date to that if her boyfriend would consider hanging out with High School kids again. It turns out she didn't have a worry he wanted to do anything to make the girl happy and that was a small price to pay for a smile.

Prom night came and went. As it came to pass so did her virginity, later that night under the stars on a blanket in the sand. In that moment he knew that she had been at least that faithful to him. Years later he would look back at that moment and realize that was the moment he knew they didn't have a chance. He realized that when he thought of her being only partially faithful is when he should have known he couldn't be with somebody that he couldn't trust. She never did believe that he waited for her. She assumed that he was like every other boy. He would get it where he could when he could. That night opened more problems than it ever solved with that one act.

They continued to see each other and she was soon graduated. At this time she found out that her father had been unfaithful. He had been cheating on her mother for years and finally came clean and moved out. The girl was devastated once again. Every time her life seemed to be falling in order, something else came along to smash it. She found out that he only bought the business to be closer to his girlfriend. For the first time the girl realized that her father had used the family as a tool to gain what he desired.

Her mother decided to move away. She would go back to that town with her familiar friends and a job waiting for her. The oldest daughter wanted desperately to move back. She finally talked her mom into letting her. They would share in the expenses until her mom got back on her feet. The younger daughter wanted to stay with her father. she liked where she lived and had all of her new friends close by. The parents decided that it was probably best if she stayed. That was the beginning of the end for the family. Without the facade of a family the mother didn't know how to act. She didn't like the pitiful looks she got, and she didn't like the concerned questions either. She decided the best way to avoid all of it was to find another man. She didn't understand that you don't find a good man at a bar. It took her a few years to finally realize that simple lesson, unfortunately what she didn't learn was that you don't get a man that has a wife either. She forgot too quickly how devastating an affair could be on a relationship. Not just the adults, but the kids and the extended family that are affected as well. She became the same as the woman whom she blamed for ruining her life.

The girl moved back and soon after moved in with the boy. They had an apartment and for a brief time were happy. They decided that it was time to get married. A big wedding at a big church, followed by a huge reception at a beautiful banquet hall. All of their family and friends were there. The boy was in heaven. This was what he had wanted his whole life. To start his own family. To be a husband and work in the yard, having his wife come out with iced tea and watch him work. Quiet evenings, just the two of them having a nice dinner and discussing their day and what plans they would make for the weekend. They were nice visions, unfortunately real life doesn't always work that way.

Arguments began to rule the household. The girl figured that her husband wouldn't be happy with her and her alone. She figured that he would be just like her father and find somebody else. She didn't realize that she was constantly pushing him away. That young girl that needed somebody was gone. A bitter young woman, mad at the world is what remained. The boy felt trapped. His friends had all given up trying to come around. She ran them off, always professing they had things to do. The house was miserable most of the time. That was when she came to him and said "I want to have a child."

Foolishly the boy thought that was a great idea. They would have a child and complete the image he had made of what the family should be. A young strapping son to carry on the family name. To go hunting, and fishing. He would play sports and the young man would be the proud father in the stands telling everyone "That's my boy!" It would be perfect. Try as they would they couldn't get pregnant. Now some people would say that was a sign. The young couple didn't think so. The young woman was convinced it was her husband's fault. He was probably unable to have children. She was quick to blame him for most things, and he had learned to not argue too much about most of it. It turned out that it was her, not him. There was a surgery that would fix the problem. Immediately she agreed. The procedure was done, and 3 months later she was pregnant.

Things seemed better when the girl was pregnant. She seemed happier than she had been in a long time. The boy started to think that maybe this would be the turning point. This would be when all things came together and the pieces of the puzzle that were her heart would fit together. Whatever she wanted she got. Whenever she wanted it he would get it. Fast food, was a constant demand. All the late night workers at the fast food restaurants knew the young man well by the time 9 months and 2 weeks had passed. As she was a little late, the doctors decided to help it along. So finally two weeks past her due date they showed up at the hospital to begin what turned out to be 1 1/2 days of pure hell. A hard pregnancy is what the nurse called it. Sheer hell is what the young man called it. He had to watch the woman he loved going through such misery, and he didn't know if he could take it. Finally the young man was the father of a healthy baby boy. Perfect in every way. He couldn't believe that he was half the reason for this young life.

To be continued..............

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You are quite the writer sir.... I want to read four now! Is it up yet? I'm going to be very disappointed if it's not....

Great story Bendigo.... Seriously publish-worthy....

April 8, 2010 at 5:05 PM

ABAO...thanks.. that's a great compliment :)

April 8, 2010 at 7:29 PM

like like like sounds like many I know of...I wonder if I can guess the ending..Hmmmm

April 9, 2010 at 11:29 PM

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