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Just finished up with Milo Talon. Much better book in my opinion than Radigan. Milo Talon is more along the lines of Tell Sackett or Logan Sackett.

Lots of action in this story. Milo is hired by a man named Jefferson Henry to find his grand daughter(really only a step). The guy offers Milo a pretty large amount of money for the job and he figures it's a pretty easy way to get paid. Little does he realize that a lot of people along the way have died because of this girl as well as the people she is associated with.

The nice thing about this book is L'Amour ties in the Talon's and the Sackett's. Em Talon who is Milo's mom is a sackett. I think that might be why Milo is meant to share so many traits with his cousins. Regardless, you get a little history regarding the Talon family and some tie in to the Sacketts and you also get to meet some really salty (and extremely interesting) characters in this story.

German Schafer is a cook at Maggie's in town. Pablo is the Mexican rider for Shelby who Milo befriends. Portis, a friend of his from St. Louis. I always like when L'Amour adds in these types of characters. Portis is a man that Milo helped out in the past, and they became friends of a sort Portis has a lot of contacts in St. Louis and is sort of an informational warehouse for most things in the city. There is also the love interest in the story which happens to be a pretty young girl by the name of Molly Fletcher. He doesn't leave out the bad guys in this one either although they might not be the ones you would think. The toughs in this book are many but the main ones seem to be John Topp, Tom Baggott (The Bald Knobber) who is a known killer for hire. Then you get one of the Mexican toughs, Felipe (who as it turns out befriends Milo because of his friendship with Pablo.)

All in all I really enjoyed the book, and I just touched on the characters. L'Amour develops a pretty good picture of Milo Talon in this book. Also it is told mostly from a first person account so you really get into the characters head.

I'd suggest this one to anybody interested in Westerns. If I was grading it would get a solid B.

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